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    Ugly Cute


    4 HOURS


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    Imperfect Beauty


    6 HOURS


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    World Class Beauty


    8 HOURS



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    Divine Level Beauty


    12 HOURS



  • flat RATES

    Simple flat rate pricing for our biweekly clients! These prices are estimates. Your home may cost more/less depending on the square footage. Free in-home consultations required to set a flat rate for your home. Call or Text 970-545-2752 to schedule a walk through.

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    1 Bed / 1 Bath


    per clean




    3 Bed / 2 Bath


    per clean

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    4 Bed / 3 Bath


    per clean

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    5 Bed / 4 Bath


    per clean


    Services can be added to any other package or booked on their own with a minimum of $90.




    $15 for 5 house plants








    $15 per load






    No harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia - ever! Some of the products you will find in The Ugliest Cleaning Lady's bag are:


    - Mrs. Meyer's
    - The Pink Stuff
    - Dawn
    - Seventh Generation
    - Cleaning Vinegar
    - Sprayaway Glass Cleaner
    - Weiman Stainless Steel Polish


    *To prevent the spread of germs and allergens from home to home, we prefer to use your vacuum, mop and toilet brush.





    We have the best team around! Our friendly employees are trusted, background checked, pre-screened, and bonded for your protection.


    The Ugliest Cleaning Lady has an extensive, hands-on training program that all team members must complete before servicing homes. Your items will be handled with the utmost care as we service your home.


    We are a licensed, insured and bonded company committed to the security and safety of everyone!






    Tidy, sparkling and fresh -- that's what we deliver when we service your home. Missed a spot? Never! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a clean, please contact The Ugliest Cleaning Lady at theugliestcleaninglady@gmail.com so that we can make this right.

  • our team

    Meet the cleaners!

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    It's your house, but The Ugliest Cleaning Lady has some rules:

    1.  Fall in love with the cleaning, not the lady.  Sorry Mr. Schwarzenegger, we are just here to clean your toilet and dust the mini blinds. 
    2.  No smoking.  We do not service homes where cigarette smoking is present indoors, sorry.
    3.  Put the guns away, Rambo!  Please be responsible and keep all guns and bullets in a safe place like a lock box while we are servicing your home. 
    4.  If your pet is NOT chill, put them in a crate during services.  If your pet is chill, leave treats out for us to give to them.
    5.  We do not clean bodily fluids, pet waste, electronics or areas higher than a 2-step ladder.
    6.  Avoid hovering or mansplaining.  Please let us do our job well by giving our cleaners some space to get into the zone and focus on the details.  We are professionals - we got this!
    7.  If you are sick, PLEASE CANCEL -- there is no fee.  If you are NOT sick, please avoid last minute cancellations because we need the money to eat.
    8.  Payment is due DAY OF SERVICE.  No late fees, but if payment is late you will receive the "Your maid is hungry" text of shame.  We accept Cash, Check, Paypal and Zelle for your convenience.
    9.  Absolutely NO MAGA HATS, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If we see one, we are out.
    10.  Having your home or business profesionally cleaned is a luxury, and it should feel like one too. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your services, please call the owner directly at 970-545-2752.  Please note The Ugliest Cleaning Lady has cleaned hundreds of homes in Northern Colorado, but it will still be our first time cleaning YOUR home.  Cleanings get better with time and communication from our clients!  The Ugliest Cleaning Lady requests feedback after every clean so services are tailored to fit your preferences. 
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    Having a clean home is essential for one's health and it is something we believe everyone deserves. Individuals may face challenges in maintaining a clean home due to mental health, longterm illness or physical disability. The Ugliest Cleaning Lady is proud to offer FREE cleaning services to people who need the help, but cannot cover fees. Please email: theugliestcleaninglady@gmail.com if you are seeking these services for yourself or a friend/family member.


    - The Ugliest Cleaning Lady

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    Schedule a free in-home consultation today! Please let us know your general location, size of home , amount of rooms to be cleaned and any other details important to your clean. Thank you!